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The 4th Quarter$ Foundation is a fundraising and charity start-up with a responsible, persistent mission to help our community and the world evolve into something better. Our goals are to raise awareness and generate sustainable unrestricted financial support that promotes and benefits community-based charities and nonprofit organizations.

We inspire individuals and organizations to support the causes they care about – the campaigns requiring extreme and immediate attention and those that can change lives for the better.


At the 4th Quarter$ Foundation, we offer fundraising solutions, strategies, planning, and campaign management appropriate and adaptable to your charity or nonprofit’s requirements to reach and exceed your campaign goals. We have formulated a seamless and transparent method of collecting and distributing donations to our client charities. We enforce complete transparency of all pertinent donation information and for the donor where their donation/charity is going.

We guarantee to provide you dedicated support, inimitable success with unyielding integrity,

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Our Professionals & Expertise

The 4th Quarter$ Foundation management team has excellent experience with the charity and nonprofit fundraising industries. Their fundraising experience includes children, military, youth, health, illness & prevention, small-large scale events, auctions, community, national and international charities. Also, we have expertise in the marketing and media industries, including digital, social, and traditional media and marketing.

Our professionals and volunteers work together to effectively organize successful fundraising events and projects, with many innovative ideas to increase donations.

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Our Technology & Systems

With multiple donation methods and strategies, your charity is sure to find one consistent and convenient to your mission and goals. Our marketing strategies include digital, social, and traditional media and marketing. We have a collection of cutting-edge tools and technologies we offer to reach and surpass your fundraising goals and to improve your charity as needs arise. Donating money online has never been easier and safer. Our simple-to-navigate design ensures that the donation process is completed quickly, efficiently, and securely. The donation reports are thorough and with 100% disclosure.

Contact us today to set up a fundraising program for your community-based charity or nonprofit organization.

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