The 4th Quarter$ Foundation began


The 4th Quarter$ Foundation began with the vision to help charities, non-profits, and foundations raise funds based on an efficient concept – 4 Quarters at a time. Almost everyone will give a dollar to a worthy cause.  And if 100,000 people donate a dollar, well, you get the math. The fact is most people are willing to give more than one dollar. So the 100,000 donors can become $300,000 or $500,000 or more. Witth our excellent marketing and media strategies, this concept grows and evolves into a large-dollar fundraiser. 


The 4th Quarter$ Foundation staff has years of fundraising experience and expertise in social media, digital and traditional marketing, and media. Contact us if you are looking for a new fundraising source or a complement to your current fundraising efforts at  The 4th Quarter$ Foundation

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The 4th Quarter$ Foundation partners

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